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Welcome to, a site dedicated to the relationship between Teen Wolf’s Stiles Stilinski & Derek Hale. Our mission is to create a safe, positive space for all shippers to enjoy to enjoy the best our fandom has to offer. Here, you’ll be able to find our favorite Sterek fanart, fanfics, and fan videos. Be sure to check out our extended network and please come back soon!

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Oct 20, 2014
Team Sterek

Fic of the week: Warm Shadows by StilinskiSparkles

Title: warm shadows (22040 words) by stilinskisparkles
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

“Fine,” Stiles spits back, “We’ll die together, it’ll be dandy.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Derek snaps, “I’ll get some peace and quiet for once.”

Stiles grins suddenly, blindingly. There’s blood on his teeth, and his eyes are dark and desperate as he looks up at Derek, but he’s never looked more stupidly, infuriatingly beautiful.

Oct 8, 2014
Team Sterek

Announcement: 1800 Sterek

All around fandom, there are gifted people making things but never letting those things see the light of day for fear of the reaction it will get. They’re worried about backlash or hate or the idea that maybe it’s not that great after all. All of these people have one thing in common; they need a support system.

And after doing a test run, Team Sterek is proud to officially present: 1800 Sterek

This is something we all need but something that most of us are too afraid to seek out. Maybe you don’t have close fandom friends. Maybe you’re afraid someone won’t make time for you or isn’t that interested in what you’re doing. Those people are here to tell you that you’re wrong. They’ll make time. They’re interested in your new project. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to give them critique or an extra eye to help improve whatever it is, or if you simply need someone to listen, here is your system.

1800 Sterek

Oct 4, 2014
Team Sterek

Art Spotlight: The Hunger Games Crossover

Our Art spotlight for the week comes from one of our favorite artists Caroline, it’s a beautiful 3 piece art of The Hunger Games crossover, you can check out the preview below and click on the picture to go to the source:

Oct 4, 2014
Team Sterek

Fic of the week: Kiss Me and Fall Asleep

Title: Kiss Me and Fall Asleep (57284 words) by KuriKuri
Rating: Explicit

Stiles wants to say he’s like Rogue from X-Men, but really he’s more of a reverse Sleeping Beauty.

(Or: In which Stiles is a cursed A-list actor who can’t articulate the feelings he may or may not have for his costar, Derek Hale.)

Sep 8, 2014
Team Sterek

Special Shout Out: All of these things [and none of them you]

Title: All of these things [and none of them you]. (5629 words) by withoutwords
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Tyler Hoechlin/Dylan O’Brien

There’s having all the things you need, and there’s having the one thing you want.

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