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Nov 11, 2017

Fanart: Meet Cute by azurarain

Stiles hates the cat that shows up at his house unexpectedly one day. His father doesn’t make things better when he bonds with the cat giving it left overs so it refuses to leave. The cat hisses and bites at Stiles (more like a rabid dog, really) so he leaves a note on the new neighbors door (who he can only assume is the owner) saying they need to come get their cat.

Cue a very quiet and sour man Stiles is NOT attracted to coming to retrieve said devil cat. The two do not start off well and Stiles could care less how well the angry man fills out a pair of jeans, he does not and will not ever like him.

(Yeah, right)

With his father slowly befriending the man and his stupid cat, Stiles is forced to learn things about Derek Hale. Things such as the cat was Derek’s dead sisters and it’s protectiveness of it’s new owner is very much justified. As Stiles learns more about Derek and the tragedy of his past, he starts to realize more and more that he and the cat have more in common that he thought.

They both want to protect Derek Hale.

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