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Feb 16, 2018

Fanart: Fairytale by Azurarain

Prince Stiles sank to his knees, exhausted and out of breath, his lungs burned from what remained of the smoke.

Dead. The monstrous Kate Argent was dead.

Around him fluttered three lights. The fairies. Allison, Lydia and Kira, they all looked relieved and he couldn’t thank them enough for their help in slaying the beast.

With a quake from the earth, Stiles began to notice movement all around him as the thorny branches and ivy began to shrink, slipping back into the ground as if they never existed at all. The flames extinguished and the smoke cleared.  All evil and malice seemed gone in a matter or moments, leaving the sun to shine on the once dismal and grey sky.

Stiles smiled at the warmth as the three fairies bounced up and down excitedly. They pointed behind him and Stiles turned to see the once hidden castle rising again in splendor. The Hale Castle stood grand and bright, no longer hidden in the dark clouds and thorns that had stopped him before.

Stopped him from getting to the man he know knew was a prince.

Stiles swallowed at the thought and began running through the now open path. Escorted by the fairies, his heart raced as he dared to think the spell might be lifted, that he would once again see his prince’s beautiful green eyes.


Continuing through the town as the groggy citizen awoke from their spell induced slumber, Stiles kept on. His red cape swayed as he raced through the tower and up the steps, going two at a time.

He pushed the door open, barely able to think much less dare to hope–and still, his breath caught. Laid on the bed the prince was beautiful, almost more beautiful than Stiles remembered. 


He ran to the bed, tossing himself beside it and falling once again to his knees. He now knew it was indeed Derek and not Miguel as the man had called himself in the forest. Stiles wanted to see the sleeping prince’s eyes, the desire was such he could barely stand it.

“Please. Derek, please wake up. She’s gone now. Please.”

His hands shook the slightest bit, but he pressed through with courage, as Stiles found himself doing the only thing that felt right. The only think he’d wanted to do for days as he’d dreamed of seeing the man before him again.

Stiles kissed him.

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