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May 9, 2014
Team Sterek

Sterek Campaign Artist Showcase: Geeky-sova

We love fan creators! And with our partner, the Sterek Campaign, we’ve decided to showcase some of the fandom favorites, starting with artists.

One of the artists this week is Caroline, who answered a few questions for us. We asked about what inspires her and what her creative process is, among other interesting things about her as an artist.


Apr 28, 2014
Team Sterek

Fic & Art of the week: Binomial Coefficients

This week’s Fic & Art of the week are a beautiful High School AU combination from DevilDoll & Yomikoda.

Title: Binomial Coefficients (20781 words) by DevilDoll
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Underage
Summary: In which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

Apr 9, 2014
Team Sterek

Art Spotlight: Sterek Selfie

There were so many amazing new posts in the Sterek tag last week, it was hard to settle on one. But then this amazing drawing captured our attention with the beautiful line and had to share it.

This week’s Art spotlight goes to viventakbar on tumblr with this amazing “Sterek Selfie” fanart.

Click on the picture to go to the source and leave the artist a nice message in their inbox.

PS: Don’t forget to check our sidebar for 2 extra fanart pieces to enjoy.

Mar 30, 2014
Team Sterek

Special Spotlight: Hobrien Week

RPS (Real People Slash) is a bit of a tricky thing for some people, but here on Team Sterek, we love LOVE!

And we appreciate all the amazing fanwork that was put into Hobrien Week on tumblr so we decided to share some of our favorite work that was posted this week , click on the work/GIF to go to the source, remember to reblog the original, do not re-post:



Title: Just A Kiss (3780 words) by raisesomehale
Rating: Not Rated
Summary: When the blindfold finally relents and Dylan is able to pull it away from his face, the first thing he notices is that his kissing-buddy is a dude. The second thing he notices, is that said dude is well, and thoroughly built. Definitely has a few more corn on the cobs to go before he has to start worrying about losing teeth. Speaking of teeth, this guys happen to remind him of those of a bunny.


Title: sweeter than fiction (931 words) by linksofmemories
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

“Dyl, we can’t just stay in bed all day.”

“I don’t see why not,” he said, finally opening his eyes and seeing Tyler smiling at him. He couldn’t remember the last time Tyler didn’t smile at him. It was like no matter what he did, it would always be good enough for Hoechlin. “There are lots of things you can do in bed.”


Title: We’re back on the ship (1128 words) by AlphaFemale
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Boat video 2.0. They want to give their fans the right motivation to vote.


Title: Hello Handsome (1050 words) by TheArtfulJackDawkins
Rating: General Audiences

If he didn’t think something was wrong before, Dylan knows it is the moment he steps into the bedroom and sees a Tyler sized lump curled beneath the covers at the center of the bed.


Title: The Sterek Argument (3241 words) by calrissian18
Rating: Mature

And if Tyler had wanted to listen to logic, he wouldn’t be talking to Dylan. He slumps back against the couch cushions grumpily and points out, “Okay, except in Derek Hale’s land of misery and man-pain, you’re pretty much his best friend.”

Dylan does an odd giggle-snort thing and knocks a fist into Tyler’s knee. It makes his skin tingle. “You are buying what the fandom is selling you and that shit is cut with battery acid, dude.”

Tyler glares at him, because Dylan should be as upset and out of touch with reality as Tyler is. Whatever it takes to get them together at the same time on the same set for more than six seconds is worth whatever leaps of illogic are required. He will make this point if it kills him.

Mar 30, 2014
Team Sterek

Art Spotlight: Perks of Having a Werewolf Boyfriend

Apologies about disappearing on you fandom.  Had a bit of a tough couple of weeks but we’re back and very happy about all the post-finale fanwork.

Our Art Spotlight this week is going to Torah’s “Perks of Having a werewolf boyfriend,” series. Check them out by clicking on the preview below: